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Digital Stylus -- Arr 14

Digital Stylus -- Arr 14

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Digital Stylus "Arr 14"

The François Le Sarrette Arr 14 is an active digital stylus, developed for Samsung and Windows Tablet PC devices.
  • Active original Samsung S Pen refill
  • No battery (the stylus connects with the Samsung Note device inductively)
  • High precision (ultra-thin tip)
  • No side button
  • Lifetime warrenty
  • Money back guarantee
"Att 14" is a digital pen (S Pen compatible) that is produced in matt black polymer and gives lays firm and steady in your hand. The stylus does not have a pen button (as most competitors have) to make the writing experience more fluent.

Arr 14 is delivered in a black rugged gift box, embroidered with François Le Sarrette beautiful silver logotype.

We have named this stylus Arr 14, after Cité Universitaire's location in Le 14e arrondissement in southern Paris.

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